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A Thought

"As for modern journalism, it is not my business to defend it. It justifies its own existence by the great Darwinian principle of the survival of the vulgarest."
But Oscar Wilde wasn’t talking about IT PR

Marketing Services

Our broad experience in Marketing Services has been earned by working with customers to offer both strategic and tactical assistance. We cover many areas, among them:

Corporate identity

SM Marketing and PR has built up considerable experience in grasping and articulating the essence of our customers' value propositions and marketing position. The task involves a deep appreciation of the "personality" of your organisation and how to successfully portray that in almost everything you do.

Working with a talented team of graphic designers, we'll help you create the images and words that convey the benefits of doing business with you. Corporate and product logos, taglines, slogans and the behind-the-scenes market research are just a few of the services we provide to establish your corporate identity.

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Product and company positioning

We'll help you to strongly brand and position your company. Decisions about this happen as part of every company's life cycle, and it's an area in which SM Marketing and PR has a proven track record. Through a wealth of experience - based on work we've undertaken to develop powerful and compelling corporate positioning and branding - we can provide in-depth communication planning that covers:

  • Situation analysis
  • Positioning
  • Goal and strategic direction
  • Planning of programmes
  • Measurement of results
  • And more...

In addition to positioning your company, we can work with you to position products and services should you need it.

You can depend on our team to listen to your business needs, understand them and guide you every step of the way.

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Marketing and corporate communications collateral

We've produced many effective and distinguished pieces of marketing and corporate communications collateral over the years. Among those we provide are:

  • Corporate brochures
  • Corporate presentations
  • Direct mail literature
  • Customer case studies
  • Client profiles
  • Company profiles
  • Biographies
  • Backgrounders
  • White papers
  • Product data sheets
  • Newsletters
  • e-Marketing pieces
  • And more...

To deliver your collateral to a high level of professionalism, we work with our team of graphic designers who are skilled in image development and branding. They are able to help us to create cost-effective and targeted materials on your behalf.

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Sales lead generation and marketing campaigns

When undertaking sales lead generation and marketing campaigns, success depends on targeting accurately. We work with our customers to get the right message for the right audience, so that we optimise success. With the right messages in place, SM Marketing and PR will propose the campaign disciplines to meet the objectives. Not only that, we can recommend approaches that measure results, offer valuable feedback and profiling information for further targeting and future campaigns.

You can be sure that the correct combination of:

  • Targeting
  • eMarketing
  • Direct mail letters / email
  • Telemarketing
  • Campaign literature
  • Online advertising
  • Or whatever it takes...

...will be brought to bear in order to generate the sales leads and/or awareness that you're looking for. And all within an agreed budget.

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Website design and content

SM Marketing and PR works with award-winning graphic designers to brand and Web Development SEO specialists to develop web sites designed to convey your organisation professionally while allowing you to for effectively inform and interaction with your prospects, customers and other audiences.

Whether it's for an existing site or a new site, we're constantly aware of two simple objectives. First, to clearly and simply communicate your company's brand and value proposition through the web. And second, to use your web presence to build a better relationship with your audiences.

Working with our partners, we develop dynamic web sites that will work for you – 24x7. Any website we deliver is automatically Search Engine Optimised through a specialist freelance partner, with expertise in web content and web editorial. And we manage the projects through design, development and implementation to get the results you need.

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Marketing database

Why is it that people go cold when they hear the subject of Marketing databases mentioned? We're highly aware of the fact that success in marketing is only as good as the data on which marketing activities are based. For any targeted communication to be effective, your company must maintain (or purchase) an accurate and up-to-date database of contacts, be they prospects, customers or any other target audiences.

Today, more than ever before, data is the most important pillar supporting your marketing effort. Understanding that data - how it's kept, how to use it, and how to maintain and update it - is business critical. SM Marketing and PR are often called in to deal with the task, and our experience in this area covers:

  • Conducting reviews of the state of the database
  • Proposing ways forward to optimise the database
  • Overseeing and managing database cleaning and updates
  • Customising databases to reflect business goals and strategy
  • Ensuring feedback and campaign results are captured in the database, for future marketing and communications
  • Ensuring the system is Data Protection compliant
  • And many more activities...

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The Customer Says

SM Marketing does not do "fluffy marketing"; they really "get it". SM Marketing is a true professional who gets results that mean something to a company's bottom line. If your company needs to improve the number of REAL leads they are getting then contact SM Marketing. I have no hesitation in recommending their stellar work."

Michael Standen, Divisional Sales Manager

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