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A Thought

"As for modern journalism, it is not my business to defend it. It justifies its own existence by the great Darwinian principle of the survival of the vulgarest."
But Oscar Wilde wasn’t talking about IT PR

Some of the projects and contracts delivered by
SM Marketing and PR include:

Ardenta Ltd

Business: Computer software and hardware supplier, IBM Premier Business Partner, EMC Velocity Partner. Various hardware partnerships. Markets: B2B, including. eGaming, Retail, Media and selected other SME mid-market in the UK.

SM Marketing Activities: Review brand image, deliver full marketing strategy, plans and implementation for Ardenta Ltd. Increase brand awareness and sales lead generation. Most marketing disciplines used, ranging from database specification and analysis skills, to direct marketing, and through to writing Website content, management of SEO and some direct PR.

Time working with Ardenta: over 6 years

Arelon (formerly Walker and QSP)

Business: Computer software and services – horizontal marketplace. Strength in banking, insurance and blue chip companies.

SM Marketing Activities: Contract for branding and awareness. Analyst and PR services. Writing for organisation magazines.

Time working with Arelon: (now Cedar Software). PR / Analyst Relations over 3 years.

CopperEye Ltd

Business: Computer software – data management (including data indexing / search technology). Horizontal marketplace with strong focus and vertical strength in global Telco / ISP markets.

SM Marketing Activities: Contract for branding and awareness. Full Analyst, PR and Speaking Opportunity programmes.
For more about CopperEye visit: www.coppereye.com

Time working with CopperEye: over 6 years

DiskSites Ltd (sold to Expand Networks)

Business: Computer appliance (hardware/software). OEM and large enterprise market.

SM Marketing Activities: Project covering UK press launch to analysts and press. Introduced DiskSites and its WAFS technology to UK analysts and press.

FlexNlock Ltd

Business: A start up organisation with an innovative body support product for bracing and splinting applications. ('Where venture capitals meet University scientific development.')

SM Marketing Activities: Project to develop FlexNlock image and branding. Writing basic positioning and messaging. This project included management of design agency to design their logo, their first headed paper / business cards, PowerPoint design and presentation, stand and flyer giveaway with appropriate messages for the industry Medical Innovations Forum event. Also organised press interviews to introduce the technology while at the event.


Business: Computer software and services – manufacturing (discrete and process) marketplace.

SM Marketing Activities: Contract forbranding and awareness. Full PR service including customer newsletters/magazines.

Time working with Marcam / Wonderware: 4 years


Business: Network and service management , software and systems integration to telecommunication organisations.

SM Marketing Activities: Projects covering rebranding of organisation, Website content and SEO, PR and other various ad-hoc marketing projects.

Time working with SysMech: On-going.

TruthTek Ltd

Business: Computer software for truth and deception detection. Targeting government, insurance and many other industries / applications.

SM Marketing Activities: Project covering branding, imaging, basic positioning and messaging; writing of website content and management to live Website.

Xythos Inc

Business: Content management solution provider, horizontal marketplace with strengths in Education and other government markets.

SM Marketing Activities: A one-off project covering UK press launch analysts press campaign. Introduced Xythos, and its content management software technology; UK distributor and UK customer announcement to UK-based analysts and press.
For more about Xythos Inc visit: www.xythos.com

Zenulta Ltd

Business: Computer software - enterprise-class event correlation technology. Horizontal marketplace with strong focus and vertical strength in global Telco markets.

SM Marketing Activities: Project covering brand, position and launch of the company. Included all branding, messaging and the launch of the organisation to the press. Managed creation of corporate image; advised on corporate positioning / branding, wrote text for collateral and website; managed creation of new website; organised press launch in Israel (at Worldwide Telco event).
For more about Zenulta visit: www.zenulta.com

Time working with Zenulta: nearly 3 years. Ongoing

The Customer Says

"We knew we were an innovative company with a lot to offer the marketplace, but we were new to marketing and didn't appreciate the value of it until we started using SM Marketing. They were proactive and delivered real value with minimal input. Their marketing success was demonstrable and measurable. Very importantly, they generated valuable sales leads"

Neil Truby, Managing Director
Ardenta Ltd

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